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  1. medicament

    • IPA[məˈdikəmənt]


    • n.
      a substance used for medical treatment.
    • noun: medicament, plural noun: medicaments

    • 更多解釋
    • IPA[mɪˈdɪkəm(ə)nt]


    • n.
      a substance used for medical treatment.

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • Knock-down price for the best

      ...a knowdown price is very cheap[價格很(低)便宜了]. for the best medicament! 應該是 前面大幅降價所針對的物品是:那些很好的藥品. 說通俗一點: 那些高貴...

    • 請問這些美簽需要的句子英文如何說?

      ...1. Painting equipments, purification of wastage (waste water) and enzyme medicaments selling 2. 噴房設備 裝水的酵素藥劑買賣 2. Spurting ...

    • 急~請幫我做英文翻譯~中翻英~有關化學的~

      Those wooden the version use paper box wrapping, and useless plastic bag separates, make each piece of wooden floor centre free crack average, and set free set to be full of high concentration methyl bromine melt firedamp medicament container in.