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    • 修改英文自傳~20點~

      ... program. After graduation from school, I was a clinic nurse in chest medicine ward of a medicine research center. During these 3 years, I ...

    • 改英文自傳,留學申請用~20點~ who could help my patients leave misery away. Being a chest medicine doctor is my wish. To get more knowledge to make my dream come...

    • 拜託!幫忙翻譯這段病歷不要翻譯機的!

      ...她來門診求診,並住進病房做進一步治療 Pulmonary TB under medicines(+) since last admission from 98.2.27to 98.2.28 at our chest ward. 肺結核藥物治療(+)是從前次98年2月27日至98年2月28日在我們胸腔科...