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    • meditation的名詞複數
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    • 禪-----這字在英文上怎寫?

      ...form of Buddhism that concentrates more on learning through meditation than religious writings. 也就是 佛教中的一種修練形式 更重視冥想 而...

    • 請英文高手幫翻譯以下新聞 盡量流暢

      Meditation found to lower blood pressure 科學研究:靜坐有助降低血壓 ...blood pressure reductions associated with regular practice of transcendental meditation, or TM, would translate to a 12-15 percent reduced risk of dying...

    • 急~ 英翻中(僅一句話)

      Gloria begins every morning with a few minutes of quiet meditation. Gloria每天早上都先作數分鐘寧靜的沉思冥想。 begins every morning with 即是每個早上都先做(一些事情) quiet 安靜、平靜 meditation 沉思、冥想