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    meet one's desire

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    • 如果要用口語化的方式寫英文文章,有什麼要特別注意的地方?

      ... of happiness, and even times when we could meet each other’s expectation 可是……慾望是無窮的,你怎麼可能滿足對方所有的期待?However, ones desire never ends, and there is no way to completely...

    • 急~英文片語例句 for doubt毫不懷疑 9.leave something to be desired. 10.leave~alone不管(某人) 11.Legend...攻擊 23.make away with摧毀 24.make both ends meet收支相抵 25.make contributions to貢獻 26...

    • 幫忙翻譯一下~急需

      ... ", though he is a cat, he is different from other cats , he can meet the props of the human desire while having a lot, but the mankind is always greedy, it is difficult to be ...