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  1. meet-and-greet

    • n.
    • 名詞複數:meet-and-greets

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    • 是否有好心人幫我翻譯成中文

      1.如果到達時間在午夜00:30~05:30,飯店豪華轎車接送需額外費用港幣150元,若旅客未出現或未於3個小時前取消則需支付取消費用。 2.酒店巴士服務費用為單程每人港幣130元及往返每人港幣260元,服務區域在尖沙咀地區。巴士服務時間上午06:15到下午11:4每30分鐘一班。 3.關於入境交通,通過...

    • Do and Don'ts的用法

      ...t call elders' whole names, it's not polite. Do greet with elders' when you meet them. 2. Don't speak while you are eating...

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      ...the sales associate for ***company. Nice to meet you all, and thank you giving me this chance to present to... forte. He's very open minded and believe in team work; he's willing to give...