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    • meet的名詞複數
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    • 原文語言-meetmeet with 的差別為何?

      我記得meet應該是及物動詞,但是今天看到一個例句是: If you would like to meet with Mr. Higgins, you must ...many top industry executives, who routinely meet with clients , Lasser was...

    • scrub meeting

      ...組織取名為 Club Scrub。而這個組織的會議或聚會就簡稱為 scrub meeting。 也可以當成是一堆的 scrub 來開會~~~ ha ha.... Scrubs = medical personnel...

    • Not to meet with you because

      meetmeet with會有不同的時候 如果光在講會面這件事 Not to meet with you because you look great.=Not to meet you... could mean that we're going to have a meeting, and we're going to do some work together; but...