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  1. melt away


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    • 1. 融化 The snow melted away at noon. 中午雪融化了。
    • 2. 消失 All his anger melted away. 他的怒氣全消失了。
  2. 知識+

    • 片語中文和例句

      ... in foreign literatures in university. 我在大學時主修外國文學. 11.melt away 溶化 He melts away in her love. 他溶化在她的愛裡. 12...

    • 請檢查文法,謝(短)

      ... crispy, the inside of the snack was amazingly fragrant and sweet. It melted away in the mouth gently. This traditional snack is not only for eating...

    • 幾句英文翻譯(關於地球生態)

      ...that within 100 years, the icebergs in both Poles will completely melt away.  There is a giant hole in the Ozone layer because of the waste...