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  1. memories

    • memory的名詞複數
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    • Dance in the memories這首歌的歌詞跟翻譯

      「Dance in the memories」(第37話-第48話) 作詞:中原めいこ 作曲:中原... never can tell) I just dance in the sweet memories (Sweet memories) 雪が踊るホ...

    • Pre-allocated Memory

      ... of physical addresses (that are not accessible as general system memory and reside within system memory address rang) are created for ...

    • Memories are made of this

      你好~~~ 有一首歌的歌名,名為 "Memories are made of this"︰ http://www...Memories are made of this。 Memories,不用說,是記憶,可以譯為那些記憶。 至於...