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    mind matters
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    mend matters

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    • Mind over matter?

      Mind over Matter >> 心智的力量勝過一切物質的障礙 - its the... to go to the wedding even on crutches--mind over matter. This idea was already expressed by ...

    • bother, worry, care單字的用法和差異為何?

      ...MATTER: "why does it matter?" = 爲甚麼有關係? "it doesn't matter any more" = 現在都已無關緊要了 MIND: "why do you mind?" = 你幹甚麼要介意? "do you mind?" = 你介意...

    • 請幫我把我要的中文翻成英文

      ... are so important to me that you will always be on my mind, no matter where we are. 而那段我們一起創造的快樂回憶也會一直在我心中 ...