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    • 適合僕人做的,卑微的僕人
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    • 請問這句話的意思是???

      After graduating, he went to Australia, where he did all sorts of menial jobs that local people wouldn't take. 在畢業以後, 他去澳洲, 他做各種當地人不會去做的奴僕工作。

    • 音文 急(10點

      ... maid scullion handy-man boots chauffeur driver footman footboy domestic cook menial slave n.雇員,助手,祕書,服務員,侍者 employee assistant right-hand man aide helper girl...

    • 博物館驚魂夜的英文大意 急~急~

      ...have imagined how big, when he accepts what appears to be a menial job as a graveyard-shift security guard at a museum of natural history. During...