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  1. mental hospital

    • n.
      an institution where patients with psychiatric disorders live while receiving treatment.
    • noun: mental hospital, plural noun: mental hospitals

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    • put 某人 away,有讓某人生氣的意思嗎?

      ...someone into a place where people live and are cared for together, such as a mental hospital or old people's home In the past, people who suffered from schizophrenia...

    • 比put away更專業的英文用法

      ...: put aside, save, save up, set aside 3) to put someone in a prison or in a mental hospital 押入牢房;关进精神病院 4) to eat or drink a lot 大吃大喝 synonyms...

    • fun 與 funny的比較 教學需要20點

      ...something improper or illegal "funny farm" = (a not-so-nice way of saying) a mental hospital Hope this helps. 2009-12-23 15:04:40 補充: Well, although...