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  1. mental illness

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      【醫】精神病(亦作mental disease或mental disorder)
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    • 關於形容內心或精神荒蕪的英文?

      mental illness of null and void void of all expression completely lack of something desolate; =passively feel very sad and lonely,seem empty and sad He shew his desolated mental "null and void" spirit. He can't grasp the essence of his...

    • 幫忙一下翻譯這段英文成中文好嗎

      while traditional definitions of mental illness center around the manifestations of ...perhaps 3 percent, suffer from more severe forms of mental illness, the common expressions of mental health ...

    • ”心病”的英文單字用哪個比較適當

      psychological disorder psychological problem mental illness mental disorder mental derangement mental problem (phobia) (neurosis) (psychosis) (schizophrenia...