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  1. mercy seat


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    • 英文句子翻中文

      ...much is it ? 翻譯:這個多少錢? 6. Have a seat 翻譯:請座 7. She's not easy to please 翻譯... happy 翻譯:這使我感到高興 10.Have mercy on poor people . 翻譯:對窮人有憐憫之心 11.I just...

    • 一個有趣的用法

      ...?s=t He sprang up from his seat. Summer:避暑、過夏 He fell to the floor and begged for mercy. Winter:避寒、過冬

    • 檢查英文文法!!好像有點不通順!!

      ... believers). Why did not God show his mercy? Why did God take away my cousin? He was...