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    • 關於這個字 propagandize

      ...communist/right-wing propaganda. One official dismissed the ceasefire as a mere propaganda exercise. propagandist [Show phonetics] noun [C], adjective MAINLY DISAPPROVING Communist...

    • 請大大幫我翻譯這幾個句子一下~~感恩~~

      1. Even when a mere child I began my travels. 我從小就開始(經常)旅遊 2. He dared show neither pleasure nor pain. 他勇於表現(內心)的喜好和痛苦 3. He doesn'...

    • by the time 以及同位語

      1. By the time (when) he passed away, a mere ten years later, he was an internationally...點)。 2013-02-04 17:47:10 補充: I've lost a mere two pounds.(p.941 Macmillan English...