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  1. mess about

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      胡鬧; 瞎鬧;輕鬆隨意地工作; 逍遙自在地做事或閑蕩
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    • 1. 胡鬧; 瞎鬧 Stop messing about and come and help! 別鬧了, 過來幫幫忙吧!
    • 2. 輕鬆隨意地工作; 逍遙自在地做事或閑蕩 I love just messing about in the garden. 我就是喜歡在花園裡瞎轉。
    • 3. 輕率地對待某人 Be nicer to him. You shouldn't mess about with him like that. 對他好些, 你不該對他那麼隨便。 Stop messing me about! Tell me if I've got the job or not! 別不把我當一回事!告訴我, 這工作給沒給我!


    胡鬧; 瞎鬧

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