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  1. met-

    • IPA[mɛt]
    • comb.
      variant spelling of meta- shortened before a vowel or
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    • where與 met

      ...子句。(where = at the place where) 2. Once these emotions could be met consciously, perhaps with the help of a psychotherapist, the sleep movements ...

    • I met your mercy 英翻中

      meet(met)可以解釋成接觸、經歷、相遇、迎接等意思 mercy可以解釋成慈悲、憐憫、仁慈...

    • 請問the Met in New York 的Met是什麼?

      He is the Met in New York 他是紐約的萬事通。 套用現在最流行的用語,他...