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  1. metropolis

    • IPA[mɪˈtrɒp(ə)lɪs]


    • n.
      the capital or chief city of a country or region;a very large and busy city
    • noun: metropolis, plural noun: metropolises

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    • IPA[məˈträp(ə)ləs]


    • n.
      the capital or chief city of a country or region: he preferred the peaceful life of the countryside to the bustle of the metropolis

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 請問megalopolis和metropolis的差別?

      Metropolis 是大家熟知的“大都市”、“大城市”、“首府”。Webster詞典的解釋...主要城市,通常是首府城市”。1996年再版的牛津現代高級英漢雙解詞典裏舉例the metropolis, London,即大都市倫敦。按照這個定義,世界上的metropolis很多,大家...

    • 尋求英文名詞翻譯

      ...and is on the cutting edge of research in urban studies”galactic metropolis (星雲式城市)是在城市規化中,非集中式設計的所謂The inverse ceoncentric...

    • 中文翻成英文

      The metropolis father and mother all hoped their child must be better than the others, therefore they continuously deliver them to go to the talent and skill class, the supplementary class... and so on.