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    micro camera
  1. microcamera

    • KK[ˋmaɪkrəˋkæmərə]
    • DJ[ˋmaikrəˋkæmərə]


    • n.
    • 更多解釋
    • 顯微鏡照相機


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    • 請英文比較好的人幫忙翻譯一下好嗎~?(20點)

      ...and the FZ-10 and FX5,the FX1 digital camera all adopt the lately optical image stability machine, being the...inside hide of turn around the sensor to detect by that time, the micro-computer will calculate the in expiation of quantity needed...

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      現在在功能旅遊比賽的一個紀錄在家是掃描器主人的 gba 狂熱者 Newsumd psp Videomsx Famicom 的俱樂部舊姓的 Cdisega 男孩音波一。 {現在在功能旅遊比賽的一個紀錄在家是掃描器征服 gba 狂熱者 Newsumd psp Videomsx...

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      ...piece of music from anywhere; I-phone can collect it by micro phone then find out the name of this song that you heard...useful functions. For instance, GPS, digital camera and so on...etc. That is why I would like...