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  1. might

    • IPA[maɪt]



    • aux.
    • 釋義


    • 1. ▶may
    • 2. 可能 I said I might go to town 我說過我可能去城裡 I thought it might rain 我以為會下雨
    • 3. 可以 might I make a suggestion? 我可以提個建議嗎? might I ask who's calling? 請問是哪位?
    • 4. 應該 it might be a good idea to leave early 早點離開也許是個好主意 you might try making some more enquiries 你不妨試著多打聽打聽
    • 5. 也許 one might argue or it might be argued that ... 我們也許會認為… he might be brilliant, but he lacks common sense 他也許很聰明,可是他缺乏常識
    • 6. 以便 he died that others might live 他死了從而別的人能活下來
    • 7. 但願 let us pray, that our voices might be heard 讓我們祈禱吧,願我們的聲音得到垂聽