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  1. might as well

    • ph.
      used to make an unenthusiastic suggestion;used to indicate that a situation is the same as if the hypothetical thing stated were true
  2. 知識+

    • we might as well be strangers

      ...的歌名 依歌詞的全文看來 最適合的翻譯應該是: 我們還不如互不相認 (We might as well be strangers in another town) We might as well be strangers...

    • Might/May as well

      might/may as well 的意思就是 "had better" 或 "should" 也是就建議"應該"或"最好"做某事的意思 We might as well (這應該會有上文,比如說: we might as well go for a walk). It's a nice day...

    • may/might as well~as~ 到底啥意?

      "may as wellas…" 和 "might as wellas" 都是錯的"might as well"/"just as well" 的意思是...