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  1. migrant worker

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    • 請問migrant migration emigrant

      ...總體來說1.3都是指個人或家庭或因工作(人數少)的移民,2.4是指(大量移民) 例: migrant workers/ families/ labor a huge migration of people into Europe. 大量移民到...

    • migrant 和emigrate的不同 另翻譯例句

      ...和嚴格的移民政策,讓它這個世界第三大經濟體,不可能從國外找到替代勞力。 migrant: a person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or ...

    • 請問誰可以幫我把這個翻成中文

      ...and a lack of connection between well meaning labor organizers and the migrant workers had also doomed previous organizing efforts. 移居...