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    • co-located該怎麼翻 locate or be located in jointly or together, as two or more groups, military units, or the like; share or designate to share the same place. 共居, 在同一地點 = co-locate...

    • 請幫我把這幾段文章翻譯的很順

      為了將文章讀起來通順, 潤飾之後如下,參考看看: 自從海盜漸漸減少之後, 各種軍事單位已開始使用海盜旗,通常就是那種骷顱頭和交叉骨頭的設計,來作為該單位的辨識標誌或勝利旗,目的在將傳說中海盜的兇猛和韌性納入他們自己.

    • 拜託,幫我翻譯一下!儘量白話文一點!!

      ... in 2003, reporters were "embedded" in military units and army controlled what news could be broadcast...