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    • 幫忙翻譯國外英文食譜??英翻中

      ...speed gradually add flour mixture and beat until blended. Slowley add hot milk mixture and beat until combined. 上一步驟進行的同時,拿出一個大容器和電動...

    • Mixture and compound

      ... different materials which may be all sorts of things Milk, Salt Water, oil, and soup are all mixture. When we talk about mixture, we think of it as something contrast to pure substance...

    • 這是食譜,幫忙翻一下{正常點的= =}很急

      ..., until partially set. --冰箱冷蔵15分 Stir condensed milk into pudding mixture until smooth.--攪拌煉乳到混合的布丁粉中直到調勻 Fold in sour cream and...