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  1. milk of human kindness

    • ph.
      care and compassion for others
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    • 急!! 求救 我要一個英文片語的由來 請詳說 (今天就要)

      ...世界上的新鮮事, 引起別人的關注不過九天, 大家很快就會忘記. 例句: the milk of human kindness 惻隱之心; 慈悲的心腸 字源: 語出莎士比亞 ( Shakespeare ) 四大悲劇...

    • 請幫我翻譯一下這句話的英文!

      ...謀事在人成事在天。 Make hay while the sun shines. 把握時機。 Milk of human kindness 慈悲心腸;惻隱之心(出自Shakespeare)。 Not see the forest [wood...

    • 幫我用英文造句 急 excercise. Speak-Speak up in front of the class. Student-Students go to school... your hand before eating. Water-Human needs water. Week-A week has...