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    • minimum的復數形
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    • minimum draft angle

      What is the minimum draft angle that we can put on a piece of plastic to be tooled by you? I...draft angle of 0.5 degrees. I believe I can change this with a minimum amount of effort but it would help to know the minimum draft angle for future design. 你們...

    • 請問minimum tire scrub 是什麼意思????

      This is a terminology for wheel alignment. The minimum tire scrub is the minimum " scrub radius " (as describe below) for the alignment...

    • 請求英文高手翻譯半句話have a minimum of..

      Unlike people with major depressive disorder, those with dysthymia have a minimum of three depressive symptoms. 不像患有重憂鬱症的人一樣, 那些患有胸腺机能障碍症的患者最少會有3種憂鬱症的症狀.