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  1. minister

    • IPA[ˈmɪnɪstə]


    • n.
      (in certain countries) a head of a government department;a member of the clergy, especially in the Presbyterian and Nonconformist Churches
    • v.
      attend to the needs of (someone);provide (something necessary or helpful)
    • verb: minister, 3rd person present: ministers, gerund or present participle: ministering, past tense: ministered, past participle: ministered

    • noun: minister, plural noun: ministers

    • 釋義



    • 1. attend to the needs of (someone) her doctor was busy ministering to the injured
    • archaic provide (something necessary or helpful) the story was able to minister true consolation
    • 2. act as a minister of religion will these women be permitted to minister as priests?
    • administer (a sacrament) bishops in England were faced with a loss of priests to minister the sacraments