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    • 急!小篇作文中翻英

      ... family has the daddy, mother, the younger sister, my daddy's occupation is company's clerks is, but my mother is corporate accounting, in family's big minor matter all takes care of everything by the daddy, always every day works...

    • practitioner??

      ...1. a person engaged in the practice of a profession, occupation, etc.: a medical practitioner. 2. a person who practices...a camp or on a ship. 5. Machinery. any of various minor mechanical devices, especially one designed to...

    • 英文合約內容英翻中

      4.3 等級三:每小時 16.00 元 一般說明 此等級的員工: ‧執行需要的技巧高於等級二,並在已受訓練範圍內之工作。 ‧可在單獨或團體環境的例行監督下工作。 ‧在此等級的技能及訓練範圍內行使決定權。 ‧對自己的工作品質擔負責任。 ‧接受職業衛生與安全標準訓練,練習與工作環境...