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  1. mint sauce


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    • 誰可以給我英文的食譜 要像作文的那種

      ...2lb potatoes, scrubbed salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 x minted bread sauce recipe When I make this dish I ask my butcher to slice...

    • 請幫我短段落大約改錯一下~謝謝-3

      ...sauces in food, such as soy sauce, bean paste, chili sauce or barbecue sauce to enhace the flavours. Contrary to Chinese...favor. They season the food with spice , for example rosemary, basil, mint, saffron or thyme.

    • 請問有哪些食物英文是M開頭的?

      ...mushroom muskmelon museel mutton mango moon cake mogolian bbq mould por in brown sauce minced pork mint mimosa marigold milfoil mistletoe marvel of peru mahogany maple mallow magnolia maguey mangrove...