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  1. minute hand


    • n.
      the hand on a watch or clock which indicates minutes.
    • noun: minute hand, plural noun: minute hands

  2. 知識+

    • 中翻英~幫一下3Q

      when the hour hand the minute hand and the second hand across the moment at midnight, i am going to ushered in the fifteenth years i have been born.

    • 請問 長針 短針英文要怎說勒?

      minute hand 分針(長針) hour hand 時針(短針)

    • 英文謎語猜一猜

      我們在中文所說的鐘面英文就是講clock face 而分針和時針的英文則是 minute hand 跟 hour hand 所以謎語問what has a face and two hands but no...