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    • 3句中翻英 請大家幫忙 感謝喔

      1. Danny is the most pretentious/flamboyant person in 810. 2. Sunny is the cuteset person in 810 . 3. Anna is the most mischievous person in 810.

    • 三個句子的英文翻譯

      ... of heroic deeds.Although the stories are mischievous, they often cast a sarcastic reflection of society at the time.3.[這本書的內容主要是...

    • 誰可以幫我把大意翻譯成英文

      ...…Class president---West faction mischievous twin---Frey and George's practical joke ...specialty, also destroyed the evil spirit legal community evil person once more---That person---The Buddha...