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    • call me out 的意思

      She called me out on the miserable state of affairs on the phone the other night. 她前...某人的說法不確實,就是人家想掩飾,你把人家「道破」的意思。 「call 某人 out on 某事」就是「為了某事質問...

    • 英文翻譯....I led a miserable life

      我過著不幸的/悲慘的生活 這裡的 led 等同於 live S+ live/led a(n) adj life miserable 痛苦的;不幸的 2006-07-09 14:28:50 補充: led是 lead 的過去式在此作 過(活);使過(某種生活) 的意思

    • baptized in lemon juice 是什麼意思 describe those Christians who have a cranky outlook on life and frequently look miserable, as though they just drank lemon juice straight up (thus have a sour expression on...