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    miss one's part

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    • 英文翻譯,才1小段,謝謝 , 20點

      ...什麼最重要的部分呢?此外,施測者不要做任何不必要的說明。 Each object has one important part missing. and I want you to tell me what it Is. Put each object in S's hand and start...

    • 多益文法,高手進入!!!

      ...'ll be back right afterwards. 因為W無法參加今天會議, 在說這段話的時間, W心裏是害怕會miss something important. 然後M回答.... M: That's okay, Natalie. In fact, the agenda...

    • 幫我翻譯英文歌詞(Incubus 11am)

      ...被浪費掉的信任 In signifying the end 結果還要假裝自己很行 But i missed the best part 但我好想念最美好的那部份 Could we please go back To the start? 拜託,我們可不可以...