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    • 1. (公司、團體等的)宗旨 Many companies hang their mission statement at the entrance. 許多公司都會把它們的宗旨掛在公司的門口處。
    • 2. 使命陳述 Over the last two decades, it has become trendy for large corporations to have mission statements for their employees. 過去二十年來,大公司為員工作使命陳述已成為一種趨勢。
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    • Mission Statement BusinessPlan However, a statement is more like to be a core value of the company, and the plan will be more like...

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      ... new broom sweeps and there is change throughout the organization, from mission statement to corporate culture. 翻成中文 與明智的,偶爾激進調整的資源和目標往往過於...