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  1. にっけいミックス【日経MIX】

    • hiragana[にっけいミックス]
    • n.
      Nikkei Mix Information eXchange
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    • marketing mix

      The marketing mix is generally accepted as the use and specification of 'the four ... effectiveness. Making small changes in the marketing mix is typically considered to be a tactical change. Making large...

    • 五味雜陳不等於 mixed feeling!

      很可惜,英文裡面,除了 mixed feeling,就是 complicated feeling。並沒有聽過更貼近中文...matter of fact,它其實就是最貼近 “五味雜陳” 的表達方式了。雖然偶爾有些時候,mixed feeling 會用來表示 “兩種截然不同的情況中的二選一”,但大多數的...

    • mix??blend??