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  1. mixed farming


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    • 幫忙翻譯這三句原文的句子!

      商用蜂蜜(紫雲英中國牛奶) ,獲得Suzuya系統有限公司(岐阜縣,日本) 。 蜂蜜來自以下來源:中國牛奶紫雲英,刺槐,日本蜜蜂,蕎麥,和混合品種,獲得由井上養蜂場公司(日本兵庫縣) 。 蜂王漿和蜂膠也從井上養蜂FarmInc 。 (日本) 。

    • 關於生態旅遊導覽解說的風景敘述...請幫忙翻譯一下...急!

      ...above sea level) is to a great extent used by farming. 解:Karpatean 植物,由於這區域山地性質... found are: fagetum capaticum and a mixed ... In the area of the park there are ...

    • 英文的問題喔~~~20點~~~急急急~~~99我

      ...havest--the time of year when the crops are gather in on a farm, etc.;the act of cutting and gathering crops stir...liquid or substance around, using a spoon or sth similar, in order to mix it thoroughly powerder--無此字