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  1. mixed marriage


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    • 異國婚姻英文

      ...也適用台灣人配大陸人,但不知為何很少被引用。 4. Intermarriage 或 mixed marriage should cover marriage of two people who are from different 'nationalities...

    • 請幫我用這三個詞彙造句好嗎?

      ...憤恨。 mixed emotions I must admit that I have rather mixed emotions about my sister's marriage. 我必須坦承我對我姊姊的婚姻真是憂喜交集。 2007-06-08 15:10:29 補充...

    • 幫忙翻譯(或改一下翻出來的中文)..謝謝高手幫忙

      ... sample, we aimed to reflect the ethnic and class mix of tower hamlets (see figure 1 on page 42).however because..., and those who had migrated on marriage, were out included in the research. 這項研究...