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  1. mixed up in

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    • 1. 參與 He was mixed up in some dishonest business. 他同某件不正當的事有牽連。



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    • 我看不懂這本書.....

      ...voluminous and erratically organized files in Mrs. Frankweiler's office.(Hence the name "From the Mixed Up Files Of Mrs. Basil...

    • preposition---填空

      ... the United States more. 6. It`s easy to get mixed up when you`re in a foreign country.

    • 急件-20點,星期日晚上就要正確答案

      ...out , kick it out), if in the future everywhere area (使用不同的字來陳述)is mix-up used in the future, that how to make the storekeepers and residents(and...