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    • 翻譯幾種房屋型式

      ... Home Single level new construction 磚頭房子,單層,新蓋 Mobile Home 可以搬動的房子(通常房子是私人的,地是租來的) 2007-09-19 11:03:19 補充...

    • 下列句子中文翻英文

      ...the rules to place the structure thing with similar etc. of of the container, bodywork mobile home and stand. 6.Forbid to work on a sand pool a car, slippery sand and land the...

    • 英翻中UK minister defends dec..等句

      ...決策辯護 Yahoo puts ads on cellphone home page. 雅虎在手機首頁刊登廣告 (因為 Yahoo 已...可以不翻譯, 直接用 Yahoo 即可) China Mobile to roll out 3G by october(roll out是什麼 ) 中國...