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    • 一小段英文翻譯(很急!!)

      ... for Self-Learing, HR is to launch "Mobile Library" in April. The service would include over 500 top selling...

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯這段英文的內容~

      ...of books onto the backs of camels and invented the Mobile Camel Library. strappedboxes-->應該是strapped boxes Oluoch...

    • 幫幫我回答~英文問答題~感恩

      1. Cool. They are really smart to work out this idea. I guess they have to be careful that the camel might eat those books (cause their are gross). 酷!他們真的很聰明耶可以想到這樣的方法。不過我猜他們得小心一點,駱駝有可能會吃掉那些書。(因為書是從...