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  1. mobilize

    • IPA[ˈməʊbɪlaɪz]



    • vt.
      動員; 調集;鼓動
    • vi.
    • 過去式:mobilized 過去分詞:mobilized 現在分詞:mobilizing

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 動員; 調集 to mobilize sb./sth. against sb./sth. 動員某人/調動某物抗擊某人/某事物
    • 2. 鼓動 to mobilize one's energies 鼓足幹勁
    • 3. 組織 to mobilize sb./sth. to do sth. 組織某人/某團體做某事 to mobilize sb./sth. for sth. 為某事組織某人/某團體
    • 4. 動用


    • 1. 接受動員 to mobilize against sb./sth. 動員起來對抗某人/某事物


    1. (of a country or its government) prepare and organize (troops) for active service

    2. organize and encourage (a group of people) to take collective action in pursuit of a particular objective

  2. 知識+

    • mobilises是什麼意思呢?

      mobilize, UK ALSO mobilise verb 1 [T] to organize or prepare something... for all the main candidates are trying to mobilize voter support. 為了某個目的, 組織或準備一組人 2 [I or T] to prepare...

    • 新聞英文的單字解釋????????急

      此處的 mobilizing 是"動員"的意思 mobilizing all the resources we have = 集合我們所有的資源 希望可以幫到妳!

    • 可以幫我翻譯出來嗎?十萬火急!

      Britain BBC report, the American army mobilizes the north of Baghdad , capital of Iraq and Iraq on a large...