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  1. mock up

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    • 請替我用英文翻譯此兩句

      ...用於生產產品上。 The capital will be first appropriated for mock-ups - only after thorough correction to perfection, then it will be used for mass production...

    • 尋求超級文高手

      ...模型,但我擔心不同的模具加起來成本會太高。 Attached is a mock-up of what we’re trying to achieve. Do you do anything like it? 附圖...

    • Branding project關於water!!!20 點

      ...你繪畫平面廣告或者自拍一小段類似電視廣告的影片。個人建議還是用photo-shop來mock up 一張有王建民拿著你的飲料的平面廣告。) How are you ...