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  1. modern jazz

    • IPA[ˈmädərn jaz]
    • n.
      jazz as developed in the 1940s and 1950s, especially bebop and the related music that followed it.
    • noun: modern jazz

  2. 知識+

    • post bop

      現代爵士樂 (modern jazz) 已經愈來愈難被分類,其之中一大部分...) 及自由爵士風 (free jazz) 影響的「新式重咆勃 (hard bop)」。因為...年代爵士樂的典範,使「現代主流」(modern mainstream) 或「後咆勃」(Post...

    • 簡單英文文章內容釋疑簡單英文文章內容釋疑

      ... a skilled piano player and musical director of the Modern Jazz Quartet for almost fifty years 他... by the piano style of the famous jazz bandleader,Count Basie. John...

    • introduction to & of sth 例句:This album was my first introduction to modern jazz.這張專輯唱片讓我初次接觸了現代爵士樂。 4.入門課程: 做為可數名詞時+to...