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  1. monogamous

    • KK[məˋnɑgəməs]
    • DJ[mɔˋnɔgəməs]


    • adj.
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    • IPA[məˈnɒgəməs]



    • adj.
      一夫一妻制的; 單配性的; 性伴侶單一的
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    • PAPER翻譯

      ...for irrelevance were most commonly being married (54.0%) or in a monogamous relationship (39.6%). [認為]沒有相關的原因是最常見的有已婚佔(54.0%...

    • 急!! 請英文達人幫忙翻譯

      ... couple in the world of love, shouldn't be more. In Taiwan, monogamous is the legal marriage. Loyalty marriage is more important in ...

    • Canadian Huron Tribe History

      ...conflict between Huron and Iroquois. Hurons practiced monogamous marriage, but it was a loose form of matrimony that could be ended by divorce...