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  1. mood swings


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    • mood swing+maligning universe

      ... key word here for us to understand here maybe “mood swing “,it implies that you are thinking... our physical universe" here causes mood swing,right? By this logic,if one doesn't feel guilty...

    • dramatic mood swing 的意思

      never have this crew seen such dramatic mood swing 這群人從沒見識過如此戲劇化的情緒轉變 swing在這裡指的是在情緒在兩種極端擺盪 2009-07-21 12:57:16 補充: I agree.

    • mood swings 』和 這個句子 什麼意思 ?

      情緒波動 也就是說情緒受到干擾的意思 They are able to control their mood swings and keep distress from overwhelming their ability to think. 他們能夠控制他們的情緒(波動),使煩惱不至於影響他們思考的能力。