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  1. moralities

    • morality的名詞複數
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    • 學校作業~~請幫幫忙~~~What is morality?

      What is morality? Is it possible to know good and evil? . If so, how.... ˙ Proverb said: " morality is in the following and reason in justice, . "...

    • 英翻中 The Morality of Socity...

      The Morality of Socity為"社會道德" 至於as people go由於全句不清,就字義為人們的行為

    • morality in our society中in的意思?

      in = 在...裡面 in our society = 在我們這個社會的 in the house =在家裡 in the world =在世界上 in a crowd =在群眾中 in school =在校內 in London=在倫敦 in a car =在車內 in bed =在床上 in class=在上課