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    • 英文文章&文法修改

      ...significant blood glutathione peroxidase activity than the control group and significantly lowered... the lipid metabolism, present more effectiveness of antithrombosis and elevated the antioxidative capacity in hamsters...

    • 很急~各位幫幫忙翻譯paper(拒翻譯軟體)要流利唷

      23. 從第三屆全國健康與營養調查之一般成年人口ㄉ調查報告中來分析,超過75%ㄉ代謝症候群病人非高密度脂蛋白也是呈現出指數提高ㄉ情形。 24. 在那些三酸甘油脂指數超過200mg/dlㄉ病人中,大於75%非高密度脂蛋白是在NECP ATP IIIㄉ建議指數之上。 25. 當用...

    • 請幫我分析這篇新聞中的句型

      ... trial by March that they had elevated liver enzymes he could not disclose... Merck and Schering more than four years ago to conduct a large, long-term...