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  1. more

    • IPA[mɔː(r)]



    • det
    • adv.
    • pron.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 更多的 more ... than ... 比…更多的… we have more eggs than milk 我們的雞蛋比牛奶多
    • 2. 另外的 I need a few more books/days 我還需要幾本書/幾天 have you any more questions/problems? 你們還有甚麼問題嗎?


    • 1. 更加 more ... than ... 比…更加… more and more difficult/beautiful 越來越難/美
    • 2. 更多地 more and more ... 越來越… he talks more than I do 他說得比我多
    • 3. 更確切些 he's more a babysitter than a teacher 他更像個保姆,而不是老師 more often than not 時常
    • 4. once/twice more 再一次/兩次 we shall see him no more 我們再也見不到他了
    • 5. 而且 he was rich, and more, he was handsome 他有錢,而且很英俊


    • 1. 更多 more of ... 更多的… more of an X than a Y 更多的是X而不是Y
    • 2. 額外的量 more and more 越來越多 tell me more 再告訴我一些
    • 3. 更大的數目 more or less 大約 more than 多於
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      [College classrooms are full of (more than) just eager,young faces fresh out of high school. more... more than sad. 你知道那會讓我 very, very sad. 所以「more than + 形容詞」是表示 「非常非常」的意思: full of more...

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       這是比較級的句型 :A + beV. + 比較級 + than + B 而 more than 也解釋為 " 超過 "1. I have more friends than you do...