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    • it\'s far more acceptable than?

      ...的是後面這一件長長的名詞子句,它也是believe的受詞 something=it is far more acceptable than it actually is to just make screamingly atrocious spelling and grammatical...

    • 急~ 徵英文高手幫忙翻譯一段英文

      homosexuality has gradually become a more acceptable idea among the Taiwanese public in the recent years... States in fact criticize the idea of homosexuality more harshly than Taiwan due to their religions...

    • 翻譯簡短對話句...輕鬆愉快為主^^

      ...也適用嗎? Harry: No, I think on the phone, it's maybe a bit more acceptable. Harry: 不, 我想在講電話時, 這可能比較能接受些. Tom: ...