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    • Which one is appropriate?

      I would also use sympathetic in that sentence. I think it is more appropriate. Pity has a underlying meaning of (look down) on...

    • 關於英文形容詞三級

      ...以下我各舉一例 a-z 原級 比較級 最高級 a: appropriate, more appropriate, most appropriate ample, ampler, ...w: wide, wider, widest x: xenogeneic, more xenogeneic, most xenogeneic y: yummy, yummier, ...

    • 幫我看一下我的文法是否正確

      It is more appropriate/formal to reply in a more formal way i.e., 1. 'thanks for your....' We can better this sentence by making it more formal >> 'We apologize for our carelessness which caused...