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    • 麻煩各位英文高手是否可以幫忙翻譯林克孝先生這封感人的信1

      ... first answer probably was more emotional while the second more artificial. Anyway, please take a look at both and feel about them. Modify...

    • 幫我翻譯一小段英文

      第一段: 在當地殖民的民族主義上的改變為政府施壓更多壓力。這與北非的利比亞(Libya)有關,那裏的部落未曾被扯入阿拉伯(Arabism)和大阿拉伯(greater Arab)聯盟的重大戰爭。以埃及(Egypt)為例,Sadat總統利用與以色列...

    • 人造陸地 英文怎麼說

      ... land,而非land reclamation。因為他用 artificialartificial = 人造【的】,是一個形容詞。reclaimed 也是一個...the other refers to restoring an area to a more natural state (such as after pollution, desertification or salination have...